Future Social Entrepreneur Fellowship

Fast track your career in the social enterprise sector with this unique opportunity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the Future Social Entrepreneur fellowship?

Here are some prompts to help guide your responses.

What is a #socialenterprise?

We define social enterprises as commercially viable businesses that operate to solve pressing societal problems. White Box Enterprises’ focus is social enterprise that seek to employ 50+ people from vulnerable cohorts.

Do I need an idea to apply?

We welcome applications from anyone who demonstrates a genuine desire to use their business skills to create social change. If you aren’t already working on a social enterprise; what social problem do you want to solve, why, and why you?

What professional development experiences can I spend the $10,000 on?

We are agnostic to the use of funds. Simply demonstrate why and how your chosen experience will level up your #socent leadership skills. Examples could be, Harvard’s short course Strategic Perspectives in Non-Profit Management; a Graduate Certificate in Social Impact at Swinburne; or informal learning experiences, such as time off from work to volunteer.

What projects are eligible for the $5000 discovery capital?

Social enterprises seeking to solve problems that perpetuate long-term (>1 year) youth unemployment, particularly for vulnerable cohorts.