Work With Us

We are not currently recruiting but we are always looking for people to take on future projects. If you find yourself ticking the majority of the below then please send us a copy of your resume.


  • If you know, love and understand work-integrated social enterprises
  • Have volunteered, led or been involved in a community project
  • Love spending time with your family
  • Have a strong business/commercial understanding
  • Love a good spreadsheet
  • Have let people go or saved people from being let go
  • You are calm under pressure
  • You value energetic teamwork more than traditional hierarchy and rank
  • Have mastered something, i.e. piano, parenting, yoga or neuroscience
  • Have personal experience in finding different ways of getting to the moon (or equivalent)
  • Understand the gap between grants and traditional impact investing
  • Can articulate the barriers and opportunities for work-integrated social enterprises
  • Flexible, agile and restless for change
  • Ideas for 2050
  • Read a couple of new books every year
  • Love preparing a good pitch deck
  • Can write and articulate your message