November 27, 2023
PBO Trial exceeds expectations in its first year
White Box Enterprises has released its first year independent evaluation of the Payment By Outcomes Trial for social enterprise in collaboration with Centre for Social Impact Swinburne.
August 2, 2023
New data reveals individuals earn more and stay employed longer in a social enterprise
According to a new report commissioned by White Box, social enterprise outperforms Disability Employment Services (DES) on retention, individual earnings and cost savings to government.
July 27, 2023
From little things big things grow
One of White Box's first employees, Angharad Lubbock, reflects on the evolution of the Payment By Outcomes Trial and her journey with the organisation. 
March 28, 2023
Trial could be game changer for jobseekers with disability 
As we approach World Autism Awareness Day on 2 April, Westpac Wire shines a light on the incredible work of the Australian Spatial Analytics, one of our original social enterprise start-ups and a participating social enterprise in the PBO Trial.
March 28, 2023
The greatest innovation in jobs focused social enterprise since social procurement
If you've read about the Payment By Outcomes Trial for social enterprise and would like to better understand its significance, White Box COO Mark Daniels breaks it down for us with this brilliant explainer.
February 14, 2023
Social enterprises start strong in PBO Trial
The first Federal Government Payment by Outcomes (PBO) Trial for social enterprise is well underway, with initial data demonstrating the strength of social enterprise in attracting and retaining long-term unemployed jobseekers in meaningful award wage work.
February 14, 2023
The power of wrap-around supports
23-year-old Luke is an employee of ReBuild and participant in the Payment By Outcomes (PBO) Trial. For him, there is little comparison between this job and his last.
September 14, 2022
Landmark trial underway to explore alternative employment support services for people living with a disability
A landmark $3.8M trial has commenced exploring the effectiveness of jobs-focused social enterprises in delivering long-term employment outcomes for people living with a disability.